Dolores Gonzales Elementary School

Dolores Gonzales Elementary School was the first APS school to implement a 50/50 dual language program model for its students over 15 years ago. The school is named in honor of a well-known pioneer and advocate for bilingual education within New Mexico, Dr. Dolores Gonzales, La Doctora. The school proudly carries on her legacy with its dual language education. Students in the dual language program
receive an enriched education and an opportunity to become bilingual and biliterate. The students at Dolores Gonzales Elementary School develop a solid cultural awareness and appreciation for living in a diverse and multilingual world. Students are given homework, and their progress is continuously assessed in both
English and Spanish.

Teachers at Dolores Gonzales Elementary School believe that in order for their students to excel academically they must begin by building a classroom community that centers around respect. They believe in listening to their students, who they are – this allows them to know the whole child. For the parents at Dolores Gonzales Elementary School the school’s goal to graduate bilingual, biliterate students supports their efforts of ensuring that their children are grounded in their culture, know their language, and maintain communications with their extended family. Principal Lori Stuit and assistant principal Sandra Alvarado have created a school culture that values teachers, students, parents, and community. Dolores Gonzales
Elementary School received a school grade of B. Fifty-eight percent (58%) of English learners demonstrated proficiency in Reading and 59% in Math.