Bilingual-Multicultural Education Program Models

Implement Bilingual Multicultural Education Program models that embody the sociocultural and local context for teaching and learning.

Ideally, program planning and/or adoption begins with an open dialogue with stakeholders, including parents and the community about their children’s education before adopting a given program model. To do this, schools/programs should have an understanding of and commitment to the local community’s resources, needs, and interests, especially regarding on students’ cultural, linguistic, academic, and socio-emotional well-being.

Indicators of Bilingual-Multicultural Education Program Models

The educator:

  1. re-examines the school or program's existing bilingual-multicultural program model, if applicable, using the indicators of effective instructional practices mentioned above.
  2. examines how other program models and/or approaches, based on the indicators of effective instructional practices mentioned above, may offer greater benefits or improvements in the education of CLD.